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Malelo offers high-capacity, high-performance data tape from all major manufacturers, and in all major formats: LTO tape, DLT tape, AIT tape, VXA tape, Sony DDS tape, and more. In fact, we have more in stock than we could possibly list on our website. So, if you do not see what you want, give us a call at 773-927-6066. Many market trends have converged giving way to a voracious hunger for faster, better, bigger solutions to storage back-up systems. The growth of data applications have brought with them very large databases that require backing up on a constant.

With multimedia, video editing, financial analysis, data warehousing, medical imaging and engineering we are facing storage-intensive applications. There are distributed and networked systems, Storage Area Networks (SAN), mission-critical applications and global enterprises that have all managed to shrink that available window for safety backups and archiving data in order to maintain a robust and highly reliable disaster recovery plan.

There are abuses of frequent use, hostile environments or shipping, all of which can take a toll. These systems provide mid-range tape storage, vaulting, recovery, archiving, multimedia, and near online storage hierarchies with extraordinary performance and reliability while allowing for immense storage capacity.

DLT tape makes use of linear serpentine multi-track recording in single reel cartridges. There is no need for a capstan as tape is pulled from the cartridge by a leader tape that is buckled to the cartridge leader in the process of loading.

AIT tape is a high-speed, high-capacity magnetic tape data storage format that uses a cassette similar to Video8. It uses a helical scan read/write method that is both backward and forward compatible allowing for multiple generations of tape drives.

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Maxell DLT tape IV 40/80GB #183270 Maxell DLT tape IV 40/80GB
Our price: $14.99

Maxell HS-4/CL Cleaning Tape 186990 Maxell HS-4/CL Cleaning Tape
Our price: $14.99

Maxell HS-4/150S 20GB 200028 Maxell HS-4/150S 20GB
Our price: $33.99
Maxell HS-4/120S 4.0GB 200110 Maxell HS-4/120S 4.0GB
Our price: $12.99
Maxell DAT 72 200200 Maxell DAT 72
Our price: $54.99
Maxell HS-4/90S 2.0GB 331910 Maxell HS-4/90S 2.0GB
Our price: $8.99