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LTO 7 Tapes

The LTO 7 generation specifications more than double the tape cartridge capacity from the previous generation, including capacities of up to 15TB* per cartridge when compressed. Large files will also transfer more quickly with tape drive data transfer rates that are up to 750MB* per second, which can translate to more than 2.7 terabytes of data an hour per drive.

Unprecedented capacity and data transfer rates for LTO 7 are made possible by a broad range of technology advancements. The specifications include a doubling of read/write heads in an advanced servo format to help achieve higher track density, which means that more data may be written to the same amount of tape within the cartridge. New formulation advancements provide stronger magnetic properties, helping to increase capacity.

LTO 7 tapes include features that were introduced in previous generations, including a partitioning functionality that allows users to present a tape-based file system with the use of LTFS. LTO 7 tapes provide continued support for hardware-based encryption and WORM (Write-Once, Read-Many) functionality. This helps ensure a balance of performance, capacity, compatibility and cost control supporting a broad range of security-rich and portable data storage options for backup and archive that are easy to use and address a vast majority of storage needs. More information on the LTO Ultrium generation 7 specifications will be available later this year, and a full Q&A of commonly asked questions can be found here.

Ultrium 6 LTO Tapes | 773-927-6066

Ultrium 6 LTO Tapes | 773-927-6066

LTO 6 Ultrium tape cartridges are one of the most advanced developments in modern data recording technology. These cartridges can store from 2.5 terabytes to 6.25 terabytes of data. This large storage capacity makes Ultrium 6 tapes ideal for backing up and recovering data.

LTO backup cartridges also feature high data transfer speeds, allowing the user to back up vast quantities of media in a relatively short amount of time. Professionals who use computer technology to execute archive and storage tasks can derive significant benefits by utilizing this storage medium. However, even non-professionals can learn to use LTO tapes with only minimal effort.

Major technology and computer manufacturing companies produce these LTO 6 tape cartridges. IBM, Sony and Hewlett Packard are a few examples of the companies that produce these tapes. Customers can expect the same level of quality from these tapes as that which is offered by other products from these manufacturers.

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