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High-Quality 90 Minute Microcassette Tape | 773-927-6066

MC-90 microcassette tapes are an ideal solution for anyone who needs to make clear, high-quality voice recordings. Unlike some other audio recording products, 90 minute microcassette tape is specially designed to record the sound of the human voice. These tapes are engineered to respond to the audio frequencies used in speech, which makes them a superior voice recording format.

Rather than relying on handwritten or typed notes, MC-90 tape allows the user to make hands-free, intuitive recordings of important information. Students, business executives and legal professionals are just a few examples of the types of people that can benefit from this technology. Instead of searching through sheets of paper or scrolling through computer documents, the user can simply press the rewind button on their microcassette recorder to find the information they need.

Some of the most respected names in audio technology manufacture MC-90 tapes. Sony, Maxell and TDK all produce these tapes to the high quality specifications that their customers have come to expect. Whether they are MC-90 dictaphone tapes for use in dictation machines, or microcassette tapes for telephone answering machines, our products are an affordable and reliable audio recording solution.

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