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Malelo offers LTO Ultrium 5 tape by trusted brands including Sony, Maxell, Imation, IBM, HP and more to meet your network server back-up and archive needs. Take advantage of quantity discount pricing on LTO tapes at Malelo. If you don't see what you're looking for, call us at 773-927-6066.
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LTO-5 Technology Meets Evolving Storage Needs

  • Blazing speed: LTO Ultrium 5® technology has up to 280 MB/s data transfer rates (assuming 2:1 compression) to help improve productivity - Up to 1TB per hour of backup performance per drive.
  • Huge cartridge capacity: 3TB (assuming 2:1 compression) to help reduce storage costs - One LTO-5 cartridge can hold the data of nearly four LTO-3 cartridges
  • Data security: Tape drive-based 256 bit encryption to help protect sensitive information
  • Compliance: WORM (Write Once Read Many) tape support to help address compliance requirements.
  • File management: The LTO-5 specification enables a new dual partitioning feature which can help provide faster data access and improved data management. With the LTO Linear Tape File System one partition can hold the content index and the other can hold the content allowing the tape to be self-describing. The tape can be utilized in a fashion like disk or other removable media including directory tree structures.
  • Compatibility: LTO-5 drives are designed with backwards-compatible read-and-write capability with LTO-4 cartridges, and backward read capabilities with LTO-3 cartridges, helping to protect investments and ease implementation.