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In working to solve the limitations of using DVD, hard disk and solid state media for capturing footage of events as they are happening, Professional Disc media fulfills the wish-dream of nonlinear recording with superb flexibility. Combining low-cost, high-capacity, robust media without the previously related expense and very low capacity problems associated with these other nonlinear devices, the XDCAM disc represents the solution to all these demands while offering the ultimate ease of portability. At Malelo, we offer Sony XDCAM discs--such as the PFD50DLA--as well as XDCAM discs from Maxell and other major manufacturers. If you do not see what you are looking for here, give us a call at 773-927-6066 and ask us if we have it in stock.

The XDCAM is the one media, one cost answer designed to carry through the production chain from acquisition, to editing, to storage. It is built to withstand the rigors that DVDs cannot; small-scale and lightweight enough to surpass the hard-disk issues of large-scale implementation and flexible and cheap enough to completely replace the high-unit cost to low capacity limitations of solid state workflow restrictions.

These compact, reusable discs record continuously, allowing the professional to be ready for anything that comes up without having to worry about calculating capacity for the unknown quantity. Imagine no longer worrying about interrupting the middle of a speech or having to record over other vital footage to capture a breaking news event. The XDCAM gives the videographer the freedom to concentrate on what is most important: content without compromise.

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