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VXA Data Tape & VXA Cleaning Tape

VXA data tape utilizes one of the most powerful data storage technologies currently available. VXA technology has won consumer awards for its reliability and intuitive user interface. Each VXA tape can store 60, 80 or 160 gigabytes of data, depending on the model. This allows users the freedom to choose the storage capacity that is best suited to their data storage needs and budget.

IT professionals can expect world-class performance and functionality from VXA tape technology. Compared to outdated DDS technology, VXA tape offers unsurpassed storage capacity and data transfer rates. This enables the IT department of even a very large company to facilitate rapid and efficient archiving and backup tasks. Also, the VXA user can quickly upgrade their storage capacity to respond to new volumes of data by purchasing additional VXA tapes for relatively low cost.

Exabyte is a leading manufacturer of VXA tapes, as well as VXA cleaning tape cartridges. These cleaning cartridges are designed exclusively to work with VXA systems, in order to keep data backup workflows running at peak efficiency. Compared to other data storage formats, VXA backup tape offers vastly superior performance. Each tape can be used up to 500 times, making this format a sound investment that will be well worth the price. Also, every VXA cartridge is built to be compatible with future upgrades to the VXA technology system, saving users the cost of upgrading to new storage media as the technology is updated.

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Exabyte VXA Tape X 10 111.00206 Exabyte VXA Tape X23 230M, 80/160GB Tape Cartridge 111.00221 Exabyte VXA X Tape 8MM Tape Cleaning Cartridge 111.00209
Exabyte VXA Tape X10 111.00206 for your VXA VXA-320, VXA-2 and VXA-1 Packet Tape Drive

Exabyte VXA Tape X23 230 M, 80/160GB Tape Cartridge 111.00221 for use with VXA-2, VXA-172 and VXA-320 drives & autoloaders

Exabyte VXA X Tape 8MM Tape Cleaning Cartridge 111.00209 for your VXA VXA-320, VXA-2 and VXA-1 Packet Tape Drive

IBM VXA tape Cartridge, X23, 160/320GB 24R2137 IBM VXA Cleaning Cartridge 24R2138
IBM VXA Cleaning Cartridge
Our price: $199.99

IBM VXA tape Cartridge, X23, 160/320GB 24R2137

IBM 24R2137 X23 Storage Media VXA Cartridge 80GB Native/160GB Compressed Capacity, For use with VXA-2 or VXA-320 Tape Drives Only
IBM VXA Cleaning Cartridge 24R2138

To optimize your VXA Packet Tape Drive performance, use the VXA Packet Tape Cleaning Cartridge. Regular use helps ensure both drive performance and data integrity.
VXA Tape Exabyte VXA X Tape cartridges are the perfect complement to VXA technology. They provide the necessary features needed for Exabyte VXA-2 tape drives, autoloaders, and libraries. To take advantage of highly advanced VXA technology, you need an equally advanced data storage media. VXA X Tape uses Advance Metal Evaporated (AME) technology developed specifically to deliver the durability and capacity required for high-performance tape drives. With a shelf life of 30 years and a usage live of up to 500 uses, VXA X Tape AME has significant advantages over conventional Metal Particle (MP) media (DDS, DLT) with a specified life of 99 uses. To further protect IT investment, VXA X Tapes are engineered for compatibility with the current and next generation of VXA. PRODUCT FEATURES: 80GB native; 160GB compressed; AME media tape cartridge; X23 is NOT compatible with VXA-1.