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Video cassette tapes are used for a wide range of applications, such as audio and video recording, production and broadcasting. These tapes are designed to offer high quality video recording solutions in a compact, economical format.

DVCPRO videotapes manufactured by Maxell are a great example of a high-quality digital recording solution. These videotapes have professional-grade features that have been proven to produce sharp images and clear sound. For example, the Maxell DVP-12M videotape is the world's smallest digital videocassette. This tape has innovations developed by Maxell to prevent tape shrinkage caused by heat and self-cleaning capabilities to withstand repeated uses.

Digital Betacam videocassette tapes are the world standard in video production formats. Broadcast media has continually relied on Betacam tapes to ensure crystal-clear image quality that is required for modern video production. News media and entertainment television are both frequent users of Betacam tape technology, proving that this format is among the best in the business. Mini DV cassettes, also known as S-size cassettes were originally designed for home and amateur use, but their recording quality has made them popular for professional use as well.

Sony, Maxell, Panasonic and Fuji are some of the most prestigious manufacturers of professional video tape. The trusted reputation of these companies is a reliable indication of the popularity, durability and functionality of videocassette tapes across a wide range of professional applications. We carry a wider range of pro video tape products than what you see here on our site; if you do not see what you are looking for here, please contact us at 773-927-6066 and we will help you find the products you need.

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Maxell DVP-12M Maxell Betacam SP B-5MSP
Maxell DVP-12M
Our price: $5.87
DVM63PS Sony Mini DV Professional Standard Panasonic AJ-P12M
Panasonic AJ-P12M
Our price: $6.36

Sony DVM-60R3 Maxell B-10MSP
Maxell B-10MSP
Our price: $7.10
Maxell B-6SX Sony BCT-5MA
Maxell B-6SX
Our price: $7.16
Sony BCT-5MA
Our price: $7.29
Fuji Betacam SP M321SP-05S, 24035005 Maxell Betacam SP B-20MSP
Fuji - M321SP-05S
Our price: $7.39
Maxell B-20MSP
Our price: $7.49
TDK T-160 High Standard VHS Tapes 3 pack Fuji Betacam SP-M321SP-10S
Our price: $7.99
Sony DVM-60PR Mini DV Tape Maxell B-12SX 292780
Maxell B-12SX
Our price: $8.36

Panasonic AJ-P33M Sony BCT-10MA
Panasonic AJ-P33M
Our price: $8.39
Sony BCT-10MA
Our price: $8.45
Fuji Betacam SP-M321SP-20S Sony Betacam SP BCT-20MA
Fuji M321SP-20S
Our price: $8.49
Sony BCT-20MA
Our price: $8.85
Maxell ST-62BQ Broadcast-Quality Certified SVHS Videotape Cassette Panasonic AJ-P24M
Panasonic AJ-P24M
Our price: $9.06