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Digital Betacam

Digital Betacam—the gold standard of formats for standard-definition digital video—comes in small and large cassettes and in a variety of lengths. Malelo offers Digital Betacam tape from Sony, Maxell, and Fujifilm. Take advantage of quantity discount pricing on Digital Betacam tapes at Malelo. If you don't see what you're looking for, call us at 773-927-6066.
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Maxell BD-6 Maxell BD-6
Our price: $13.05
Maxell BD-22 Maxell BD-22
Our price: $13.10
Maxell BD-32 Maxell BD-32
Our price: $14.45
Fuji Digital Betacam D321-06S Fuji-D321-06S
Our price: $14.88
Maxell BD-12 Maxell BD-12
Our price: $14.90
Sony Digital Betacam BCT-D12 Sony BCT-D12
Our price: $14.95
Maxell BD-40 Maxell BD-40
Our price: $15.75
Fuji-D321-12S Fuji-D321-12S
Our price: $16.08
Sony BCT-D40 Sony BCT-D40
Our price: $16.79
Sony BCT-D12CL Sony BCT-D12CL
Our price: $16.99
Fuji-D321-22S Fuji-D321-22S
Our price: $17.82
Fuji-D321-32S Fuji-D321-32S
Our price: $19.69
Fuji-D321-34L Fuji-D321-34L
Our price: $19.69
Sony BCT-D22 Sony BCT-D22
Our price: $20.56
Maxell BD-64L Maxell BD-64L
Our price: $21.11
Fuji-D321-40L Fuji-D321-40L
Our price: $21.84
Sony BCT-D34L Sony BCT-D34L
Our price: $22.63
Sony BCT-64L Sony BCT-64L
Our price: $25.89
Fuji-D321-64L Fuji-D321-64L
Our price: $27.93
Maxell BD-94L Maxell BD-94L
Our price: $31.00
Sony BCT-D94L Sony BCT-D94L
Our price: $39.99
Maxell BD-124L Maxell BD-124L
Our price: $43.56
Fuji-D321-90L Fuji-D321-90L
Our price: $43.79
Fuji-D321-124L Fuji-D321-124L
Our price: $59.13