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Maxell DVD RAM 2.6GB Type II Maxell DVD-RAM 4.7GB, Type 2 Maxell 1-pack DVD-RAM Media 9.4GB Rewrite
DVD-RAM 2.6 GB, Type 2, Rewritable DVD-RAM 4.7 GB, Type 2, rewritable cartridge up to 3x speed Maxell 1-pack DVD-RAM Media 9.4GB Rewrite: 636045

Maxell's 9.4GB DVD-RAM Disc in Type 1 Cartridge that enables information to be read, written, erased and rewritten again; this process can be repeated more than 100,000 times without any loss of quality. It has a capacity of 9.4GB or 240 minutes of recording time. This DVD-RAM disc has a 30 year life span which is great for long storage of your important data. This disc is great for multifunction jukeboxes, document imaging, full motion video, hospital data, radiology labs to store X-rays, CAT scans and other large image files.