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A Complete Selection of DLT Tape | Quantity Discounts Available

Digital Linear Tape (DLT tape) is a magnetic tape data storage technology using half inch (12.7mm) wide tape to archive and back up computer data. Linear serpentine recording with multiple tracks is the method of recording for metal particle DLT tape. Under specified environmental conditions and when not damaged through mishandling such as dropping or improper packaging during shipment, Digital Linear Tape can be expected to retain data for up to 30 years! You can trust your sensitive data in the hands of one of the most durable, secure formats on the market.

Malelo offers DLT Tape (including DLT IV and DLT VS1) by well-known brands including Sony, Maxell, Fujifilm and more. Malelo also offers the newest in SDLT tape. If you do not see what you are looking for on our site, please call us at 773-927-6066 so that we can locate what you need in our comprehensive stock.

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