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Developed by Sony, Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT tape) is a high capacity magnetic tape for the backup, storage and archiving of data. It is designed for longevity and high capacity of storage, with both a MIC chip and pure metal magnetic layer. AIT Tape allows for storage from 25 GB on a cassette similar to Video8, while the higher capacity Super AIT (SAIT) uses wider tape in a larger cartridge with a single spool, offering up to 500 GB of native space. AIT and SAIT both read and write the tape through the helical scan method. AIT was designed to compete against VXA, LTO, DLT and DAT/DDS formats.

AIT tape, AIT 1, AIT 1 Turbo, AIT 2, AIT 2 Turbo, AIT 3, AIT 3X, AIT 4, AIT 5 and SAIT are all available through Malelo, and all are eligible for quantity discount pricing and same-day shipping. If you can’t find what you are looking for, call us at 773-927-6066 and we will be happy to locate what you need in our inventory.

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