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LTO 8 tape | LTO Ultrium 8 Tapes| LTO 8 Data Cartridges | Quantity discounts available.

Get the best price on your LTO 8 tape cartridges from! Malelo and Company offers the lowest price on new LTO 8 tape from major brands including HPE, Quantum, Fuji and IBM. LTO 8 tapes have an uncompressed storage capacity of 12TB and a compressed capacity of up to 30TB. LTO 8 tapes more than double the capacity of LTO 7 tape. Additionally, LTO 8 tape drive technology increased the tape-head channel count from 16 to 32. This increase will provide a higher data transfer rate, resulting in a reduction of approximately 50% of the time to read or write a full tape.

Features and Benefits of LTO 8 Tape Cartridge

  • Higher Storage Capacity - 12TB native and up to 30TB Compressed
  • Better Performance - Expect data transfer rates of up to 900 MB/sec compressed and 360 MB/sec uncompressed.
  • Future Compatibility - LTO 8 tapes will be able to be read by and written to by LTO 9 tape drives and be able to be read by LTO 10 drives.
  • Type M Media Support - LTO 8 Drives will be able to format new, unused LTO 7 tapes as Type M-8 media. This will allow the use of LTO 7 tapes in the LTO 8 Drive and increase the normal capacity of an LTO 7 tape by 50%, up to 22.5TB.
  • Backward Compatible - LTO 8 drives can Read and Write to LTO 7 Tapes (note LTO 8 Drives cannot read or write to LTO 6 Tapes
  • We offer LTO 8 Tapes manufactured by IBM, HPE, Sony, Quantum and Fuji
  • Choose from single or multi packs
  • Top Reasons for LTO 8 Technology

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